By joining Piketberg Tourism you gain access to local, regional and international marketing and awareness campaigns via the tourism network and Bergrivier Tourism Organisation (BTO), the West Coast District Municipality (WCDM) & WESGRO.

Association with the Official Tourism structures

  • Membership from Piketberg Tourism (issued within new financial year)
  • Recognition as an accredited member of WESGRO
  • Use of the Piketberg Tourism

Visitor Information Services

  • Information and referral advice on members’ products and services that meet their requirements
  • Member’s brochures and promotional material, where provided by members of Piketberg Tourism


  • Co-ordinate the distribution of the marketing material.
  • Co-ordinate representation in travel and tourism publications.
  • Collect and distribute of an events calendar. Distribution of information regarding festivals and events of Piketberg throughout the year.
  • Actively manage and promote area, and up-to-date information of its members and tourism attractions using the e-Marketing (website and other online marketing tools)
  • Provide advice on marketing opportunities to members
  • Liaise with government departments, agencies and promotional organizations e.g. wine, trade, investment, film, agriculture etc. to promote joint marketing of the destination.
  • Liaise with external parties e.g. press, production companies, wine routes, campaign organizers etc. to promote the destination.
  • Support and promote local events and activities.
  • Provide an information enquiry service for members to access product information for their guests.

Networking & information

  • Organising regular meetings for members 
  • Issuing regular newsletters

Assistance & support
Piketberg Tourism will assist and support you to:

  • Use the minimum requirements inspection to add credibility to the accommodation establishment or tour operator.
  • Submit their marketing information (contact details, description and photos) and include these in the central database for marketing and information distribution by any RTO across the Western Cape as well as on local, regional and provincial websites.
  • Submit applications for standardised road signage
  • Present members’ views on key issues via their RTO

Benefits in conjunction with Tourism Authorities

  • Visitor Information Network
  • Publications (these will be discussed from time to time)
  • Advertising campaigns with BTO, WESGRO & the WCDM
  • Travel trade attend exhibitions travel fairs to link up with travel agents & tour operators
  • Public, industry and media relations
    Host visiting journalists and support feature writers
    Initiate travel media activities to ensure that members receive maximum marketing exposure
  • Online marketing (information eg. Newsletters etc.)
    Piketberg Tourism Website (database of tourism services, search engine)
    WESGRO Website
    E-marketing (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Film & Television
    Ensure that maximum exposure is gained from location shoots.
    Co-ordinate and encourage media who wish to feature destinations or a particular theme in travel shows and holiday programs.
  • Business support
    Marketing advice
    Tourism statistics, research results and tourism trends.
    Information about sources of funding and assistance in making grant applications via Tourism Help Desks.
  • Other - Advertise vacancies during events and promotions

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